Seamless Offerings - WiPOS Terminals


WiPOS Terminals

Seamless Wireless Point of Sale (WiPOS) terminal is equipped to handle the distribution of prepaid topup as well as that of vouchers in real time. The all-in-one POS terminal can manage distribution of flexible vouchers, electronic topup, promotion coupons, mobile money and other functionalities for service providers. The wireless terminal has truly emerged as the low cost alternative to traditional ways of prepaid recharge.


How it works?

The wireless terminal communicates with the system securely and has print functionality. Unlike card terminals which use either internet or data connectivity, WiPOS uses GSM connectivity (USSD, SMS). GSM connectivity enables the terminals to significantly save costs, ensure superior coverage and better availability while eliminating the unnecessary consumption of expensive radio channels in the network.


Why does your business need WiPOS?

Seamless WiPOS terminal is the convenient, portable and highly cost efficient medium of value distribution electronically and seamlessly. Coupling the elements of convenience of use, significant operational cost reductions and centralized control for Service Providers, this device enables all time availability of our clients' services on ground.


Who can use WiPOS?

As an interactive and highly secure device, verified with the Seamless Electronic Recharge System (ERS 360°), the WiPOS is equipped to handle all variants of our services. It provides effective and reliable control of the value distribution chain to the service provider from value generation to redemption.

  • Mobile Network Operators
  • Distributors & Retail Chains
  • Reseller Agents and Franchises
  • Prepaid Service Providers:
    • Internet vouchers
    • VoIP vouchers
    • Discount vouchers
    • Gaming vouchers

Key Features

Prepaid Vouchers

WiPOS terminal enables voucher based electronic transactions, whereby a voucher of any value is printed through the WiPOS terminal and subscriber can redeem that value conveniently.

Voucherless Topup with Receipt Print

With WiPOS, subscribers can get their prepaid accounts topped up virtually without having to redeem a voucher code on their own. As a proof of transfer the subscriber gets a receipt printed from WiPOS terminal.

Stock Transfer

WiPOS terminal also equips the reseller network of service providers like MNO to seamlessly transfer money value down and across the chain of resellers.

Report Management

WiPOS is linked to Seamless ERS 360° and becomes the front end for viewing transaction reports like balance inquiry, sales report and transaction status etc.