Seamless Offerings - Voucher On Demand


Voucher On Demand

Voucher On Demand (VoD) as an end-to-end solution manages the entire lifecycle of physical vouchers, from on-demand real time generation to redemption or reversal. It suits best to handle the distribution needs of a business keeping the end-user at the heart of distribution journey.


How it works?

Instead of printing predefined value vouchers, the Seamless VoD enables flexible on-demand voucher generation. VoD system associates a particular voucher to the specified value, all in real time and distributes it over the sophisticated Seamless Wireless Point of Sale Terminals (WiPOS).


Why does your business need VoD?

VoD hands over the purchasing power back to the end-user by enabling flexible denominations, generated over a voucher on demand. This means that the subscriber of a prepaid account gets a voucher, entirely dependent on his choice and pocket through the channel he prefers. What it means for an operating company is no warehousing of voucher stocks and absolutely zero loss of revenue across all consumer brackets.


Who can use VoD?

VoD enables anywhere, anytime and any value voucher generation for multiple business needs, including but not limited to:

  • Mobile Airtime: Subscribers of a telecom operator can enjoy flexible denomination vouchers for mobile topup
  • Gift Vouchers & Loyalty Coupons: Drive loyalty campaigns for your customers or encourage them through gift vouchers
  • Prepaid Electricity, Gas & Water: Subscribers can quickly get a recharge done against their prepaid electricity, gas or water accounts
  • Prepaid Subscription TV: Subscribers can increase their subscription plans or topup in their existing ones
  • Prepaid Internet, VOIP and online games: Subscribers can topup virtually any prepaid account be it an internet, VOIP or gaming account online through our VoD system

Key Features

Voucher over Terminal (VoT)

Enables delivery of voucher over Wireless POS terminals using GSM technology to connect with the Electronic Recharge System. The terminals are equipped to handle the entire request and response loop and generate a flexible value voucher in real time. The terminals run on USSD, hence, eliminating the need for internet connectivity.

Voucher over SMS (VoS)

Enables delivery of voucher directly to subscriber’s mobile phone as an SMS. The subscriber can redeem the voucher using the code sent in the SMS.

Voucher Reversal

In case of an erroneous transaction, the sales agent can request for a voucher reversal. The system reverses an unused voucher after verifying the details of the transaction.


Operates on a highly secure platform with end-to-end encryption using sophisticated algorithms.