Seamless Offerings - Managed Operations


Managed Operations

Managed Operations is our forte, as we have domain experts employing industry best practices for monitoring, management and maintenance of client businesses. We have over a decade of industry experience in system deployment, maintenance and support services to ensure business continuity for our clients across the globe. Our quality back-end services have earned us some of the biggest names in global telecom industry in over 20 countries.


How it works?

With 24/7 continuous support services, dedicated Global Network Operations Center (GNOC) and unparalleled response time, we enable end-to-end system maintenance and management for you. We not only provide efficient support services but have vigilant monitoring and evaluation processes to ensure that your system and in-turn business runs stably and perfectly.


Why does your business need Managed Operations?

Seamless’ Managed Operations liberates you from the worry of managing the micro and macro details of the system. From day to day operations, configurations, monitoring and report management to ensuring system optimization, we handle your entire system in the most cost-effective manner. Our high standards of quality deliverance warrants business continuity of our clients.


Who can use Managed Operations?

Our cost-effective and high quality operational services can help improve the performance of your system and make your business leaner and efficient.

  • Mobile Network Operators (MNOs): MNOs around the globe entrusts Seamless’ managed operations to handle end-to-end system monitoring, maintenance and management
  • Distributors & Retailers: Enterprise systems of distributors & large retail chains can be effectively managed through Seamless Managed Operations
  • Service Providers: We manage and maintain all operational and configurational level support for service providers


Key Features

System Administration

Managed Operations ensures seamless administration and end-to-end operational and maintenance support for our clients. From installation, configurations, asset management to general administration of hardware and software, we maintain the entire ecosystem for our global clientele.

System Monitoring

SDS employs industry best tools and techniques to monitor the performance of the system and ensures business continuity by mitigating the risk of service disruption.

System Operations & Support

Our domain experts, located in 4 continents provide on-ground as well as virtual support to our clients across the globe. From deployment and system engineers to technical trainers, we have a well-groomed pool of talent that ensures world-class operational and support services.

System Optimisation

We ensure system optimisation for resource efficiency and enhanced system capabilities to the extent that all components and overall system operates at or above our client’s expectations and risk of error occurrences is mitigated.

System Reporting

Detailed system performance, transactions and overall monitoring reports are generated for the client on scheduled timelines.


SDS has 24/7 operational Global Network Operations Center (GNOC) that is equipped with state-of-the art IT facilities to provide exceptional first level support with super fast response/resolution time. Our global NOC and support tiers run on industry best practices of ITIL and ensure unparalleled customer satisfaction.