Seamless Offerings - eVoucher



Voucher based recharge is the preferred norm and a requirement of many markets around the globe, including developed markets. SDS caters to this market need with its unique proposition of cost-effective, secure and highly convenient voucher distribution and management system. This system is well integrated to multiple access channels to ensure ready availability of recharge to end subscribers. As an end-to-end Electronic Value Distribution (EVD) solution it manages the complete voucher lifecycle through a feature rich and user friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI).


How it works?

The Seamless eVoucher System is user-friendly and makes it extremely easy to conduct electronic transactions. A service provider sets up its network of resellers using the eVoucher System. These resellers on behalf of a subscriber, send request for generation of electronic vouchers with any defined amount over multiple channels like SMS, POS terminal or Web in real time.




Why does your business need eVoucher System?

Traditionally, prepaid service providers of Mobile, Electricity, Internet and others use physical scratch cards to enable recharge for their subscribers. Not only is this an expensive method with additional costs of printing, warehousing and transporting the cards but it also adds the risk of loss and fraud of printed scratch cards. With our EVD system, service providers enable cost effective avenues of recharging and also have complete control over the distribution chain. 


Who can use eVoucher System?

  • Mobile Network Operators
  • Distributors & Retail Chains
  • Reseller Agents and Franchises
  • Prepaid Service Providers of
    • Value Added Services 
    • Internet/broadband
    • VoIP Services
    • DTH Services

Key Features

Reseller Management

Allows control over creation and management of an entire distribution chain of resellers. It enables users to add, import and set up reseller rights and roles for value flow along with many other functionalities.

Product Management

Effectively manages the various products of a service provider and classifies them into different product groups and ranges.

Incentive Management

Allows real time transfer of commissions and bonuses to resellers as well as subscribers according to margin rules set by the admin. These rules can be configured to suit the varying needs of different customers.


Enables better decision making and performance measurement through interactive and intelligent reports for Customer Care, Sales, Marketing and Support etc.

Value Added Services

Enables VAS services like Friends & Family, Caller Ring Tune, Call Me Back and others, which add value and convenience for subscribers and help service providers roll out unique services.