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In a competitive market, end-customers in the telecom industry i.e. subscribers have many options of telecom operators to choose from. Therefore, telecom operators look for measures to retain their existing customers and gain more simultaneously. Customer satisfaction is one of the main goals that they focus on to survive in the industry. Satisfaction can be defined as a feature or characteristic that fulfills a customer’s need or want. The higher or lower satisfaction of a customer depends upon the quality of brand characteristics offered by a company. This could include the product quality or the service quality that a telecom operator offers. 


Along with customer satisfaction, a telecom operator’s goal is to achieve operational and strategic growth.



At the operational level, a telecom operator needs to reduce its costs when it comes to the production and delivery of its products (airtime scratch cards). The production of these cards includes processes like: printing, packaging, whereas the delivery side includes the distribution of these airtime scratch cards to different resellers and distributors who sell the product to the subscribers. The downside to this is that the production and distribution of these scratch cards are time consuming and expensive tasks. Moreover, the manpower involved to complete the end-to-end processes is huge. This presents itself as a challenge for a telecom operator who is trying to grow as well as retain customers simultaneously.

To overcome this challenge and have a satisfied customer, telecom operators have shifted their focus towards providing eTopup to its customers(subscribers) in place of the traditional scratch cards.


The eTopup product not only gives customers access to airtime credit anywhere, anytime, but also enables telecom operators to establish, manage and maintain a consolidated network of electronic payments and distribution system.


Why use eTopup instead of traditional scratch cards?



Empowering Telecoms


With roll-out of eTopup as a highly effective method of airtime recharge for the telecom operator, a subscriber can approach any reseller and get his account credited instantaneously.



eTopup provides a comprehensive solution to deploy and maintain real time recharge and reporting mechanism with the most versatile support for channels and channel management. As compared to traditional means of mobile recharge like scratch cards, electronic recharge solution is secure, highly cost effective and well integrated to access channels to ensure readily available recharge to end subscribers.

Benefits to telecom operators:

  • Cut down logistical, distribution and management costs significantly
  • Improve and incentivize reseller distribution network
  • Provides better and real-time control over flow of value




Reseller management hierarchy

Telecom operator wants to ensure availability of stock and enable multi-hierarchical structure for resellers to control and manage the entire distribution chain. The efficient distribution of the scratch cards throughout the distribution chain needs to be ensured while keeping in view any disruptions that may arise in the production or distribution processes.

The distribution channel for scratch cards of a telecom operator varies from operator to operator. Few hierarchal options are shown below:


With a large reseller hierarchy, a telecom operator needs to keep a strong check on the stock levels being sent out. It is also difficult to maintain logs of how many scratch cards were distributed to each reseller and keep inventory checks in case of any frauds that might happen. Apart from these, there are the obvious different costs of distributing these cards to different agents and resellers. eTopup adoption reduces this distribution cost, makes it easier to manage distribution hierarchy and eliminates any chance of fraud.


Through reseller management system, telecom operators offer full back-office support to resellers and create a multi hierarchy dealer-reseller (several levels) network with varying geographical responsibilities.


This leads to a high month on month growth in eTopup transactions. eTopup eliminates the need of distribution of the scratch cards as resellers are provided with the stock online.


Replacing scratch cards with eTopup

As far as customer satisfaction is concerned, mobile customers (subscribers) demand that the products be easily accessible to them at their convenience, when they want it and where they want it. So in order to satisfy the customer (subscriber) demand, telecom operators need to supply their product as close to them as possible i.e. the product should be readily available to them at their convenience anywhere, anytime! However, this needs to be done in a timely and cost effective manner so that it is beneficial for not only the subscribers, but for the operator and its distributors as well.

eTopup is a highly convenient, fast and easy recharge process.



Telecom operators enable digital distribution to end-users by creating a network of resellers, who are equipped with multiple channel options (SMS, USSD, Web or smartphone application) to perform eTopup transactions in real time. End-users get their prepaid accounts recharged with any amount by approaching resellers. There is no hassle of scratching cards. Moreover, they have the availability of recharge anywhere, anytime!



eTopup is not only cost efficient but potentially scales business for telecom operators with unparalleled scalability and diversity. It enables the telecoms to reduce their distribution and production costs, along with a satisfied customer base.

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